Taft Counseling Center offers therapy sessions and psychological testing to help you gain self-awareness, identify your goals and challenges, and learn the skills needed to reach your goals and overcome your challenges.

Therapy is commonly conducted in individual, couples, family, or group sessions. Our therapists and staff can help you determine which therapy format will serve your needs best. Simply call (940) 691-1899.

Individual therapy: One-on-one therapeutic relationship between individual and therapist.

Couples therapy: Couples learn how to communicate, connect, and resolve relationship difficulties with the guidance of a therapist.

Family therapy: With a therapist, families learn to understand and strengthen their relationships.

Group therapy: Individuals with a common diagnosis or desire for growth meet to learn about their symptoms, develop coping skills, deepen their self-awareness, and improve their interpersonal communication abilities.

Psychological testing helps in the diagnosis process and assists therapists in determining how to approach the therapeutic process. Our team customizes assessments to answer client’s questions, and they collaborate with service providers in counseling or school settings to create a plan for better emotional and behavioral health.